Life is a Runway

March 5, 2010, 8:56 pm
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Fashion week extravaganza
September 24, 2009, 6:59 pm
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E 3erin wasson
erin wasson2

I am literally obsessed with the Spring 2010 Erin Wassonx RVCA collection at NY Fashion Week. I know there’s been a real BIG hype about the show but regardless negative or positive, I loved the setting, the selection of models and the overall setting that the show portratyed. It was simple but it combined many elements that together worked out perfectly, dirty urban yet sophisticated, it totally defines a californian girl’s closet. Cannot wait to get my hand on those clothes, or attempt to re-construct them on my own!! But it was definitely one of the highlights of the entire weeek.

Back in the scene
September 8, 2009, 12:22 am
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SDC10252“Fashion anticipates, and elegance is a state of mind … a mirror of the time in which we live, a translation of the future, and should never be static.” –Oleg Cassini

Hello Fashionistas! Firstly I would like to apologize for my absence on the blog.I have had difficulties with my Mac, but I am determnied to focus on the Blog, and hopefully this will make me famous some day. I am currently urging for Fall season to arrive, I have some trenchcoats and shoes that I am desperately waiting on wearing. But this summer was a good one. I opened my eyes to so many concepts. I feel enlightened,I was introduced to so many different styles, personal styles, street styles, Designers, and shoes. I am so glad I grasped the opportunities I had while in San Francisco and discovered so many things. Like the Haight/Ashburry which I absolutely loved due to it’s 60’s inspired vibe. The thrift stores there are Amazing and one can find many versatile pieces of clothing. My favorite shops are Buffalo Exchange, Wasteland, and La rosa. They are must go-to shops in the Haight. I also enjoyed the twin peaks, such amazing view of the city. I love SF and quite honestly it’s so much better seeing girls in skirts and oxfords insteadof Stanford shirts and Rainbow sandals. Ugh, anyways It was a summer to remember. Unforgettable experiences, however i still can’t make up my mind about where to attend Fashion College, L.A or SF? any suggetions. By the way don’t forget to check out the Spring 2010 Shows, super excited for that! I also posted up some pictures while on my way to a wonderful afternoon brunch at the Rainforest Cafe, while in SF. Taken by my friend Tania, an aspiring photographer/journalist in the making. Hope you enjoy. Ciao
Wearing; H&M Shades, H&M Oversized Blouse, Urban Outfitters jeans, H&M Chunky High-heels

Exlusive Q&A Interview with Kyle Farmer
August 1, 2009, 6:58 am
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Known for his extravagant illustrations and creative imagination, Fashion Designer Jonathan Kyle Farmer, took a few minutes off his daily schedule to answer a few Questions exclusively’ for lifesarunway. The British born designer attended the Royal College of Art where he grasped many of his inspirations that led him to become a Designer, he left London as he knew that there were more opportunities awaiting him. He was correct, his amazing skills and drive made him successful as he worked for many well-known Designers in the Fashion Capitals of the world. Now in days Kyle continues to be involved with Fashion, and has fallen in love with Teaching as well as practicing design , he is currently a Fashion instructor at the Academy of Art and enjoys every minute of it as he brings his creativity and skills to the table. Kyles name is one that is known in London and is building momentum in the States, watch this space.


 -When did you decide you wanted to take part in the Fashion Industry?

From the age of eight I knew I wanted to design, but wasn’t sure what I discovered fashion and designing clothes was possible as a job at 12 yrs old, been doing it ever since.

 -What intrigued you to do so?

My Grandmother and Mother would knit, sew and make all the time, my Dad worked on oil rigs and would draw these amazing technical drawings all the time, I took the 2 and put them together.  Its in my family blood though, my grandfather was a water colorist and my great grandfather was a glass blower.

 -What has been your biggest accomplishment to date?

There are many, getting onto the Masters at the Royal college of art where hundreds apply for only 12 places per department.  And then being awarded student of the year1999.Being able to call my self a designer and a good one after years of bullying and people laughing at me.  Success is the best revenge.

-Who are your Fashion Muses? Why?

Don’t have any muses.  Rare for a designer but I never work with a person in mind. 

 -Considering the economical recession do you think the Fashion Industry is at threat?

NO NEVER its escapism, things are slower yes but not in danger People need it to get away from the daily grind.

 -What does Fashion mean to you?

Everything and nothing, I love what I do, i love clothes I love art, I love design but I also know it means very little in the grand scheme of things.  I will always do what I do, but i now have a sense of global awareness, its time to give something back to the earth.  Stop abusing it and use what fashion has become which is branded luxury t help fix the problems that we are responsible, fashion means to make, to create to Fashion something. 

-We know that you’ve worked with many designers in the past decade, can you mention some, and how the experiences have affected you?

 All of them have effected me, hugely even those I have not worked with they are my peers, my competition, my idols, they have taught me to work hard and to play hard.

 -What advice would you have for someone who is aspiring a career in the Fashion Industry?

You have to EAT SLEEP AND BREATH IT, the industry has NO room for anyone who does not LOVE what they do, to the point that it is no longer work but instead it is your OXYGEN.

 -What do you think about Fashion in San Francisco?  Do you think the city portrays an image or style?

I think the ONLY fashion in San Francisco comes from the Academy of Art University and those that attend The School of Fashion.  It is the only real directional fashion happening on the west coast.

-What do you see youself doing in 5 years?

 Teaching because I LOVE IT. Continue to work on my own work  as well as publishing.  And of course freelancing like a mad man as usual to pay for all the lovely things I like to buy.  Oh and most likely a bigger house with even more French Bulldogs.

Fall Trends
July 31, 2009, 9:16 pm
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As summer days slowly fade away, fashionistas everywhere are  keeping an eye open for the upcoming season’s hottest trends. Fall and winter should be considered essential times where individuals get to wear their new leather booties and glamourous prada trench coats, during this time there are no exceptions for dressing up. The clothes one wears to parties and dinners, suddenly become day-to-day outfits, even if it means a trip to the grocery store. Based on the recent Fall 2009-10 Fashion shows there were many similar trends that captivated my attention, I know find myself urging for fall season to arrive. The following are trends that will surely enlighten anyones wardrobe.

1. Goodbye  Winter fur coats, hello Danny Zuko-inspired Leather. That’s right leather was a big hit on the fall runway shows being that its sense of versatility can complete an outfit, as seen on Alexander Wangs Fall 2009 Collection.


2. Jackie O. Inspired-Silhouettes. During these difficult times we all have to keep up with our sense of femininity and look good even if we are just taking a trip to the mall.

Elie Saab

3. Oversized Blazers will probably be a clothing item that will never fade! Wether a lawyer, musician, or journalist, one can never go wrong with a classic Blazer. Blazers were seen in runways such as Louis Vuitton, and Dries Van Noten! Get one in various colors to match everyday outfits. However consider the fact that a black Blazers are the most Valuable kind of blazers, you can never go wrong with one!

Dries Van Noisen

4. Variation of colors; Altough in recession Designers took a chance and used bright colors neglecting the Neutral colors. Alberta Ferretti’s Fall 2009 collection was very innovative, her designs features young and hip clothes with an elegant twist, what makes the collection stand out? The colors, which at this time is essential because we dont want to have to be dealing with economical issues while dressed up in black, that would seem depressing! Also Balenciaga Fall 2009 had a cgange of colors that made the collection stand out! absolutely Amazing.

Alberta Ferretti

Hope My Fashion Trend List Helps all of the Fashionistas out there. This season one should stand out in between a crowd of people put down the hoodies and UGGS and try on some leather booties with an oversized Blazer. Play around with the wardrobe, make lists of what oufits look good with each other! And start shopping for Fall Items now because trust me if you wait until October a Trench coat may leave you bankrupt! Anyway enjoy the last days  Summer has upon us!!!

The “It” girl
July 17, 2009, 10:23 pm
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Swedish Singer, Lykke Li is surely on her way to stardom. The 22-year old singer occupies the spotlight with her amazing  indie tunes and her sense of style that has everyone talking. Lykke Li is definitely an aspiring Fashion Icon, her simplicity makes her style different among others and her creativity can clearly be seen in her fashion tastes. It’s quite amazing to find a singer with an interesting background and style, the way she integrates fashion music and art is breathtaking, she has also been getting great reviews from the press and she was recently featured on Swedish ELLE. There’s something amazing about the way she wears her tomb-boy -chic pants, neutral-colored blazers, and exaggerated pendants, (very couture-like). It’s definitely a personal style she inherits, but you would expect that from a girl who was raised into a hippie-inspired family. The Swedish singer has also been sealing advertising collaborations with labels such as ACNE and Samantha Pleet’s Eco-friendly label, Bodkin. I definitely feel that she will soon be taken into full consideration by all Fashion press, because she definitely is the “It” girl of the moment. Meanwhile, don’t forget to grab her latest CD “Youth Novels”, it will definitely brighten your day!!

until later bloggers, enjoy!!
lykke li

Inspiration from past Eras; The Vintage Look
July 10, 2009, 11:23 pm
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Miu Miu Fall 2009 collection

Transitioning from summer to fall may come easy to some, but to others leaving behind the floral dresses, boho fedoras and Betsey Johnson Bikinis may be a challenge.  This season   contemporary designers are looking for inspiration in past eras, thus signifying the obvious vintage look and mood some collections are portraying. This fall, clothing  will convey a chic and elegant feel that determines a sense of femininity among women. In particular opaque colors will be a big trend this season, because these colors are a mere representation of the weather changes and partially economical issues that are apparent. Thankfully one can work with these colors in various ways and still achieve a trendy good look. The trends for this upcoming season can easily be seen in collections from Louis Vuitton, to Miu Miu. Both collections have a vintage feel to it, however they differentiate in a few ways. Louis Vuitton Designer Marc Jacobs grasped inspiration from Vintage French Muses such as Christian Lacroix, he decided to design an 80’s inspired collection, but he added his personal style to it, he made many beautiful garments but to make it different he added bold colors and distinctive compliments such as extravagant bows and leggings. Overall it was a unique collection because it mixed two different concepts together, which turned out to be amazing. The Miu Miu fall 2009 collection on the other hand was more straightforward and feminine. It definitely incorporated many beautiful neutral colors and transparent and sheer fabrics that instantly made the collection stand out. The Miu Miu collection also portrayed a parisian feel and it was inevitably seventies inspired with a chic twist. One can truly gain an understanding of the upcoming season if they follow the Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu collection, because they definitely show that one may have to be bold and chic this season, however individuals can add their own twist to enhance an oufit.

Louis Vuitton Fall 2009